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Violet the Tripawd Dog

Violet's adventure as a three-legged dog

Violet the Tripawd Dog

Night 1 Back Home

February 4th, 2017 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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Well, we’ve made it through our first night at home. I can’t say that I slept very much, but Violet seems to be doing great.

We got her home yesterday around 4pm and she was wearing the E collar, which she HATED. Dr. Crane asked us to leave it on at least for the night, though, so I followed his instruction. She took her pills just fine, ate a tiny bit, drank a bunch, and tried to get up and follow me any time I moved. So I ended up just planting myself on the living room couch with a book.

We attempted twice to go potty outside before bed, but she wouldn’t go. I was getting stressed and nervous about hurting her, but Hayden told me to be calm because Violet will do things when she is ready. So, Hayden went down to our bedroom and I made camp on the couch so I could supervise the pup.

Violet was pretty restless throughout the night. I woke up every single time she moved and checked to make sure she wasn’t hurt or stuck anywhere. At about 3 am I woke up to her hobbling around the living room and running into the couch with the E collar 🙁 It ended up that she was trying to ask me if we could go outside. So, I took the E collar off since she was having so much trouble moving around in it, and took her outside with her leash and belly sling. She made a BIG pee! I was able to sleep off and on again until about 6 am. I was listening for licking since I had removed the cone but every time she did it, it was just on her front paws, which she usually does anyway.

This morning I gave the surgeon a call to update him, and he was pleased to hear that the incision looks the same as it had yesterday at discharge, and she has only tried to lick it two times. I shut her down immediately on that and she has not tried to lick the area since! We’ve gone pee a couple more times and she doesn’t seem to need much assistance from the belly sling, though I have it on her as a precaution. She still hasn’t pooped but we’re going to keep trying throughout the day. If she hasn’t pooped by Monday morning we’ll need to do something to “kickstart” the process so she doesn’t get constipated.

Some other little victories this morning: Somebody knocked on the front door and Violet got up growling and barking, and hobbled towards the door before I could stop her. This is something she does ANY time there is a noise in the general vicinity of the front door. We’re going to put a baby gate in place so she can get up and growl if she wants to, but not walk so far! She also gave her Papa a little tail wag this morning when he said hello to her! She’s becoming more and more herself, especially now that I have adopted a really positive attitude and stopped feeling so nervous and stressed.

Now we’re just waiting for Hayden to get home from work so she can get some more love from him 🙂

Our nurse friend suggested taking a photo of the incision as soon as we got home. This way we can compare each day to see if it’s getting better or if there is any cause for concern.

Violet was so exhausted that she fell asleep with her head up while wearing the cone of shame.

She tried so hard to get comfy in that thing!

This morning she is happy and comfy and looking really great (though she hates having her picture taken)!

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5 Comments so far ↓

  • otisandtess

    So glad she is doing great, but we can all relate to the sleepless nghts!

  • charliebear

    She is just BEAUTIFUL!!! And what a great update! Peeing a lot already and barking and being her usual lovely Violet self? Could not be a better on track recovery! Congrats:) ( And shy Vi, please be patient with the pictures. We simply love them here at TriPawds Nation!)

  • jloz

    I’m a new member & this is the first story I read. It made me smile (the first time since I was told my dog will need his leg amputated). Your story gives me hope. Thank – you!

    • Kate

      I’m so glad it was encouraging for you! The best thing you can do for your dog is to stay positive! They really pick up on our emotions and if you act like something is wrong/different he will start to act that way too. I know it is overwhelming but you’ve got a great community here to help, right at your fingertips!!
      This site is so awesome and helpful, and I encourage you to keep perusing. I downloaded the E-Books and they are also very informative 🙂
      You and your dog will do SO great during surgery and recovery!

  • mosby

    Pretty girl! Glad to hear she’s doing well. Mosby hates pictures, too, I have to sneak them!

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